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Ching Piau Khoo originates from Malaysia and is a self-taught artist who has lived in the UK for several years.
His background and love of nature and his wish to express this through art has been forefront in his life.
The work is made with watercolour which is a difficult medium to use. Chinese brushes are also used and there is a clear Chinese aura to the work.
The intention is to relay life’s beauty and joy in every painting. The work is made with high quality professional grade watercolour paints and watercolour paper. Layers of watercolour wash are employed and detail is enhanced with pen and ink.
The artist makes originals as well as limited edition prints in a variety of sizes to suit every customer. Commissions are also regularly undertaken and welcome.
The delicate and beautiful marks echo Piau’s and love of nature and clear happiness in life.
Generally before the artist paints, there is an idea of what to show on the canvas, but this sometimes happens almost magically as the idea progresses through the process. Studying of the subject matter carefully and choosing ones that are of inspiration at that moment, and at this point Piau’s becomes immersed into the process.
Art for the artist is a reflection of his own emotions, and happiness and love and this is clearly shown in the work. Since I fell in love with art and life, I am the happiest person in the world. I love to make paintings with all my heart and soul. My soul is infinitely happy when I am in the process of painting. My soul is infinitely happy when I am in the process of a new creation.
The artwork covers a wide range of topics – landscapes, seascapes, and wildlife, and flowers.  I do not feel inclined to specialise in any one category as almost any subject can make an interesting and beautiful work of art. The end result expresses positive motions such as joy and happiness and love.